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Clients and experience include: Public & Private Colleges & Universities, Seminaries, Charter Schools and Military Institutes through comprehensive fundraising, development services and campaign management services.

Langston University

University of Southern Oklahoma


AZTEC Charter Schools

Chickasaw Foundation

Lydia Patterson Institute

New Mexico Military Institute

St. Paul School of Theology

St. Gregory’s University

Sigma Nu Corporation

The Pencil Box


Public Higher Education Institution

Meeting the educational needs of students in today’s ever changing economic environment presents many challenges to higher education organizations.  Higher-ed leadership must balance the distribution of limited resources across a variety of programs in order to meet not only the requirements of the current student body but also the industry specific needs of the enterprises sourcing candidates for long term employment.  The Cotton Consulting team has been working hand in hand with higher educational organizations, both public and private, since its establishment and is uniquely positioned to address the development and advancement needs of colleges, universities, and management teams.

The Challenge

The organization established a vision for a new college campus location which will provide the infrastructure for a consortium comprised of four public higher education institutions cooperatively offering courses and degree programs to accommodate student enrollment which is on target to double in the next decade. In order to realize the vision, the university consortium commenced a multi-phase infrastructure development campaign to raise over $50 million of capital to invest in facilities such as classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and faculty offices.

The Approach

The university leadership enlisted Cotton Consulting to provide a comprehensive portfolio of fundraising, development, and campaign management services. The Cotton Consulting team is planning, developing, and managing the infrastructure campaign, as well as coordinating the broader fundraising and outreach efforts for the Regents, volunteers and participating institutions.

The Outcome

The aforementioned campaign is an ongoing effort, and to date, the Cotton Consulting team has completed the first phase, over $16 million, of the three phase fundraising project.