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Empowering public servants and government entities to address the multidimensional challenges of constituencies and communities.

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Clients and experience include: Elected Officials, Government entities and Public/Private entities through fundraising, development services and campaign management services.

Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma

My Bill of Rights Foundation

Oklahoma Center for Non-Profits

Oklahoma City County Health Department Foundation

Various Elected Officials

Public Official Election

In today’s turbulent and largely polarized political environment it is increasingly challenging to unite disparate interests for the public good.  Running for public office requires large investments of both time and effort to initiate, fund, and conduct a successful campaign for election.  The establishment of Cotton Consulting as a market leader in fundraising and campaign management originated in the political arena over two decades ago, and we continue to utilize our deep expertise to assist those seeking election with their journey from candidate to elected official.

The Challenge

A client running for a statewide office required additional assistance to identify and solicit major donor prospects in order to both broaden the base of support for their campaign and successfully secure reelection.

The Approach

Cotton Consulting leveraged statewide and regional network of individuals and entities to solicit campaign donations for specified election cycle.

The Outcome

Cotton Consulting actively pursued ongoing donations throughout the entirety of the campaign.